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The 8th Business Journalism Awards of HSUHK – Rules & Eligibility

1. All entries must be published or telecasted for the first time during 1 January – 31 December 2023.
2. Entries can be in print, online, broadcast media or wire services formats, and in either English or Chinese.
3. Magazines must have a publication frequency of at least four issues a year. Newspapers must be published at least once a week. Online/digital publications must be updated at least once a week. An online publication may be an independent website or part of a print or broadcast operation.
4. The participating media organisations must be Hong Kong-based, registered and have their main business operations in Hong Kong.
5. “Text” refers to reporting published in a newspaper, a magazine or an online platform, or other types of text content. “Video” and “Audio” refer to reporting or a programme in video and audio formats respectively.
6. Entries can be submitted by journalists on a personal basis or by media outlets on behalf of their journalists.
7. The entrants should obtain the consent or authorisation of their respective media outlets or the copyright owners of the entries prior to submission.
8. Entries can be a reporting by an individual or a team of journalists (except for the “Young Business Reporter of the Year” and “Business Reporter of the Year” categories).
9. Contestants for “Young Business Journalist of the Year” or “Business Journalist of the Year” should submit a brief biography of himself/ herself and three pieces of work published or broadcasted during the contest period (1 January – 31 December 2023) while the works must be individual reporting of the contestants. Works of a team of journalists will not be recognised.
10. “Young Business Reporter of the Year” and “Business Reporter of the Year” are open to journalists working in any types of media who have not won the same award for the past two years.
11. Each contestant can submit a maximum of five entries (including reporting by an individual and a team). If more than five entries are submitted, only the first five will be recognised as qualified entries.
12. Each entry can only be submitted under one of the following seven categories (A-G): “Best Business News Reporting”, “Best Business News Series Reporting”, “Best Property Market News Reporting”, “Best Business ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ News Reporting (ESG)”, “Best Economic & Financial Policy News Reporting”, “Best Business Technology News Reporting” or “Best Greater Bay Area Business News Reporting”. The same entry can also be submitted under the “Young Business Journalist of the Year” or “Business Journalist of the Year” categories (H & I), please fill out a separate registration form.
13. Entries for the “Best Business News Series Reporting” category should be in the form of a series. For the Text group, a series can include a maximum of three (or three of the best) articles. For the Video and the Audio group, a series can include a maximum of three (or three of the best) episodes with the total length not exceeding 90 minutes (excluding advertisements).
14. Except the entries for the “Best Business News Series Reporting” category, the length of each video and audio entry in all other categories should not exceed 15 minutes (excluding advertisements). Otherwise, please specify the time codes of the selected portion of the entry (15 consecutive minutes). If no time code is specified, the judging panels will only review the first 15 minutes of the entry.
15. Contestants must remove or cover unrelated contents in the entry, e.g. irrelevant reporting or advertisements. Submissions must be in high definition or 720p.
16. Application forms should be submitted via the online application system. Entries with file size less than 100MB and in PDF, JPEG, MP3, WAV, MOV or MPEG format can be uploaded to the system directly. Otherwise, please store the files on a CD-ROM and submit them by post.
17. Once the application form is submitted, the number and the name(s) of the contestant(s) as well as the entry name cannot be amended.
18. If there is no byline stated in the entries, contestants should provide a company letter to verify their contribution in the reporting and upload it together with the entries to the application system.
19. For video and audio entries, a summary of the content should be provided (in no more than 250 words).
20. The organiser reserves the right to use the entries for promotion use.
21. Decisions of the judges shall be final. The judging panel has the final authority to determine whether an entry is eligible or not. The organiser reserves the right not to give out any awards in a category if the panel of judges has decided that none of the entries has met the required award standard.